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  • Life is absurd and beyond our control. Times spent in prayer, meditation and reading progressive literature can be comforting.

  • The 'why me or why now' attitude is counter productive to healing because we do not have answers. 

  • The pain in your heart caused by the void in your life does not portray you as weak, it portrays you as human.

  • Talking helps healing. Talk about it to those who care to listen.

  • Companionship helps healing. Reach out to those who give you attention.

  • Leave the past behind and talk about the future. Forgetting is important to a healthy brain.

  • Often grief leads to tension, conflicts and miscommunication with loved ones. Remember, they are hiding their feelings not to upset you further.

  •  Physical exercise helps. If you can, take a walk when your heart is heavy. 

  •  Remain with the social circles that   give you pleasure.

  • Bingeing is not beneficial, avoid it.

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