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Coaching Helps.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Coaching is an effective way to help people and a way to prevent further problems. Coaching can change some existing conditions and teach the client to cope.

Grieving is normal when there is an irreplaceable loss. It could be the loss of a person, an opportunity or an object.

Talking is therapeutic and is one of the avenues to release grief which is in the past, and to make plans for the future. Each type of grief is unique to the individual and is expressed in different ways. Grieved people could show sorrow, pain, loneliness, anger, depression, physical changes or anti social behavior. For this reason, sessions with WINNING WALK LIFE SKILLS are prepared to fit each individual's needs as we support you to 'walk' into your healing. With us, it is not a one-size-fits-all.

As grief coaches, we have worked successfully with clients who thought their lives would end as a result of what they lost. Nobody can tell how long the grieving process would last because of the void created and the fact that, life can never be like it was before the loss occurred. The void is rarely filled but having trained coaches like us, who care to listen, helps ease the emotional pain.

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